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Vegan coconut milk, strawberry, banana and peanut-butter smoothie bowl

One of my favourite meals in the day is having a smoothie bowl. I’ve been wanting to get my macros from plants rather than relying on supplements. For breakfast, I’ll usually take a smoothie bowl and add some flavoured protein powder to the mix. What I’ve been aiming to do instead is to get that […]

Green Thai curry stew with rice (Vegetarian)

I made another quick, cheap, and lazy vegetarian meal that will help with my nutrition. This one took approximately 20-30 minutes to prepare. You can easily add everything in one mix and let the flavour seep into the vegetables. My pot was too small, so I did as a part of a 2-step process. How […]

Black beans, white rice, and salsa vegan meal

I like to do quick, simple, and cheap meals as much as possible. And I love to make sure that the meals taste delicious. Below is a picture of the dinner that I had last night, which was black beans with white rice and salsa. This meal is vegan. It tasted good, and allowed me […]

Lose body fat by running at least 30 minutes a day.

If you want to have a cover model look, you need your body fat to be less than 12%. It sounds challenging to get your body fat that low, but it isn’t as difficult as you might think if you commit to doing enough cardio that will cut down your body fat over time. Even […]

Bodybuilding ab exercises

Getting good size, looking strong and fit is one thing, but the best way to polish off your look is by having chiselled abs. You don’t want to build yourself up only to have a gut that hangs over the edge of your shorts like some muffin top. If you’re skinny, don’t think that this […]

Bodybuilding chest workout

There’s something about having a mighty chest that just commands attention, boldness and confidence. Think about your childhood heroes. Whether it was Goku going Supersaiyan or Superman revealing the S by busting his chest through his shirt. Not all of us are born with the same genetics for a great chest. In fact, if you look […]

No gym? Use bodyweight exercises to build your perfect physique.

Ask almost any guy what physique they want to develop and they will usually say something along the lines of wanting to have a cover model physique. But one of the excuses that comes up especially with younger guys is that they cannot afford the gym membership. We get it. There are gyms whose membership […]

Are you skinny fat? You are not alone.

Majority of skinny guys that work in an office will eventually realise one thing. They are becoming fat while they still have a skinny physique. It is frustrating because not only are you not gaining any size or impressive muscular development, but it also contributes to a loss in self-esteem and willpower to commit to […]

Why intensity is crucial for achieving your bodybuilding goals.

You might have heard the saying “Go hard or go home”. When it comes to training, it is definitely true. If you want to break through the plateau of being a skinny guy, you need to train in the right way so that your muscles will respond and grow the way that you want them […]

Can skinny guys gain muscle?

The short answer is yes. Skinny guys can gain muscle. But it is important to understand your circumstances so you can follow a plan that will allow you to build muscle and size successfully. Many skinny guys tend to fall into the ectomorph category. This usually means their natural body type makes the stay skinny. […]

Exercise is Nourishment and not punishment.

Table of Contents Exercise should  Not be  PunishmentRight and wrong aims for training/exercise.Acceptable Reasons to Exercise:Unacceptable Reasons to Exercise: Exercise should  Not be  Punishment Moving your body should never be done as punishment and you do not have to earn your food. Go on with your life as usual following a routine that works for you […]

Finding time to exercise on a busy schedule

Committing to exercise schedules and routines   Often are times I have looked at myself in the mirror or found myself out of breath going up a flight of stairs and made a serious decision to find some time to exercise and get fit.. It goes something like this: I download as many fitness apps […]